NatureBid is an online funding platform offering the latest mapping and auction tools to reduce administration costs for investors in the environment. Simply put, it is an innovative and efficient way of bringing together those who want to fund environmental restoration and enhancement, with those who can deliver it on the ground.

NatureBid is flexible and can support different approaches including reverse auctions, single shot auctions, collaborative working across landscapes, or can be used simply as a powerful engagement tool to enable landowners to propose projects on their land.

Who is NatureBid For?

The NatureBid team at Sylva Foundation works collaboratively with funders and engagement partners, to provide a platform that will support their needs. For example, a regional funder can use Naturebid to support a number of farmers across a landscape who want to implement environmental measures such as new hedgerows, soil aeration, fencing, and tree planting. Using NatureBid to propose environmental measures is efficient for both the farmer and the funder, thereby maximising the environmental outcome for any budget.

To date NatureBid has been:

  • Used to channel £24M of environmental funding
  • Trusted by multiple partners to deliver 17 projects across the UK.

Why is NatureBid important?

Investment in land management is urgently needed to support interventions that will help with the biodiversity and climate emergencies. NatureBid provides a powerful solution to help that investment have maximim impact. NatureBid is a proven solution, allowing funders to deliver environmental improvements in an innovative and cost-effective way. It is already supporting the delivery of interventions to improve water quality, reduce flood risk, protect and improve soil health, enhance biodiversity, as well as encouraging carbon capture.

"NatureBid has been a great way to engage new farmers with our project that we may not have reached previously, as it makes funding for environmental outcomes more accessible to them."

Vicky Munday, FWAG SW