NatureBid is an environmental matchmaking platform. It brings together those who want to fund environmental restoration and enhancement with those who can deliver it on the ground. A core offering of NatureBid are reverse auctions which ensure value for money in delivery of environmental outcomes, but the platform can also support alternative approaches, such as a prize fund, or simply using NatureBid as an engagement tool.

NatureBid is flexible to the environmental, social and economic context in which you wish to work.

The Environment Agency designed and developed NatureBid, with partner Sylva Foundation, with the broad goal of increasing climate resilience and nature recovery through an innovative form of engagement.

NatureBid has been used in a number of locations and by a number of partners across the UK for a variety environmental outcomes. Partners included Forestry Commission, FWAG SW, West Country Rivers Trust, Dartmoor National Park and Tweed Forum. You may wish to read about a recent success on the Westcountry Rivers Trust website.

If you would like any more information about NatureBid, or are interested in using the tool, please contact
Paul Orsi on 01865 408018 or